Monkey Games

If you love monkey action in the wild, you will surely feel right at home playing monkey games! Jump into an amazing adventure with hairy monkeys, climb trees, search for fruit and other items, and even try to outwit your friends in an amazing puzzle game. If you need a mental challenge, try a game of arithmetic. Calculate the circumference and diameter of the earth, as well as its weight. Monkey games are not only loads of fun but also healthy for you.

If you need a dose of excitement, check out the best bubble-blowing game to play at any gaming portal. The game requires you to squirt bubbles using the water hose and release them in all directions to blow up as many bubbles as possible. The more bubbles you release, the higher the score you will get. If you are a squirmy one, there is no better game than bubble-blowing to give you a good sweat.

If jungle themed jungle games are not your cup of tea, do not despair! You can still have hours of fun playing various games that require clever moves and strategic thinking. Some games involve catching or flushing frogs, all while avoiding being run over by elephants and hippos. The best part is that most of these games are completely free, so you can have as many as you can stand!

If puzzles aren’t your thing, you should check out one of the best bubble-shuffle games that can be played at any gaming portal. This challenging and addictive game has you matching colors in three different ways: by popping bubbles, matching similar colors, or rotating objects within a certain period of time. The harder the game is, the greater the number of twists you will see. Once the correct color is popped, it’s gone, so you better start moving! This is sure to bring on a lot of squeals from your neighbors as they try to beat you!

What can you do with your Monkey Games? Besides playing them at home and watching others play them, you can also play them at the office. What better way to make a good impression than to show off your skills in front of your boss and coworkers? Not only will you get the praise you deserve, you may earn themselves some promotions! Monkey business owners can even earn money by inviting friends and family to join in on the fun by paying them real money for Monkey tickets.

Monkey Games is perfect gaming options to entertain kids and adults of all ages. Playing the game is simple and the graphics are great! What more can you ask for? All you need is the Internet and a gaming portal to access it!