Mario Games

Super Mario is a series of platform game series developed by Nintendo based on Mario’s. Alternatively known as the Super Mario Bros. franchise or simply the Mario universe, it’s the oldest series of the better Mario franchise. More than any other Mario game, Super Mario World is probably the most popular one. In fact, Super Mario World is the very first release in the Mario series. Even if we consider that its sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2, is even better than the first release, Super Mario World is still ranked as a very popular game.

Mario’s enemies include many types of enemies we’ve fought and destroyed in all the other Mario games. However, the real battle that takes place is against the Koopa Kid. The appearance of the Koopa Kid is unique, and his moves are very odd. He can jump very high and move extremely fast, making him a threat.

The overall story line of Super Mario World is to rescue the Princess known as Princess Toadstool from the clutches of the evil boss Koopa. The aim of the game is to use three portals to launch Mario into the castle, where the princess is locked inside. The game mainly takes place on planet Mario’s left side.

Although Mario has a girlfriend in the form of Peach, in this game he has to go through her as he is searching for the Princess. For this reason, Peach is often mentioned only by her head. Several endings are available, depending on which path the game has taken.

Although Mario has several partners in the past, he has not been seen with anyone else in a while now. Luigi, an Italian villager, is Mario’s partner. He assists Mario in his quest, but also takes part in the actual fighting. Yoshi, an African dinosaur, is another of Mario’s partners. Yoshi is the Yoshi’s relative and the main playable character in the game.

Mario and his allies have to save the Princess from several nasty enemies in the game. These include Koopa, Mario’s arch enemy, and several other low-life characters. Although these enemies do not have very good health or lives, they are still more than capable of defeating Mario and his allies. In the endings of many Mario games, the Koopa Kid appears and is killed by Mario. This is a feature not present in all the games. Many people believe that this is because the Koopa Kid was meant to be a classic Nintendo villain and that there was no way to put him in the future Mario games.