Stickman Games Are Actually a Series Of Different

A new game on the web is called Stickman: Adventure. It is so far the best web-based game on the net for a variety of reasons. Stickman is all about stick men. In essence, it is an online flash game that gives you a chance to play as a Stickman and help him accomplish various tasks. And best of all, the game is free! Anyone can get involved and have fun.

Stickman games are actually a series of different, colorful video games that all contribute to one thing: stick men! Think of them just like simple, basic doodles that have suddenly sprung to life before your eyes. The world around you is filled with many stick figures: workers, students, doctor’s offices, and more. You work to make your stickman complete his objectives and level up. In so doing, you earn money for providing services for your stickman and upgrade him to become even better. As you progress through the game, your stickman will gain new skills and start getting bigger and stronger.

One of the most popular stickman games online is Stickman: City Defense. It is a standalone version of the popular stick figure fighting game. It features a variety of enemies and obstacle courses as well as a wide array of weapons and power ups to help you in your mission to protect your city. It also has multiple levels and special events that occur throughout the game. Some of the events include a race against time to see who can create the best obstacle course and protect their city the fastest.

Stickman: Hyper Attack is another exciting flash stickman shooting game on the net. This time around, you are in control of your stick figure and you have to defend your island from waves of incoming zombies and bad guys. You have to shoot your way to the top of a tower using only your stickman guns and powerful missiles. There are also other upgrades to help you along the way such as additional power ups and weapons.

Another exciting flash stickman game is Stickman Hunkah. In this game, you are stuck in a prison after crash landing on earth. Your mission is to rescue your fellow stick men and find out why there are only three other stick men on earth. You have to plant some crops, build a bunker and arm your stick men with weapons to combat off zombies, enemies and more. As you move through the different stages, you get to earn points that can help you buy items for your stick figures like guns, shoes, and other equipment.

Finally, another exciting flash game on the net involves stick figure fighting. Stickman Fusion is a fighting game in which you play as one of several stick figures on screen battling it out with zombies, robots, and more. The other characters include an evil robot, a pirate, a vampire, and a giant. The goal of the game is to make your stick figures punch, kick and use special moves to beat the other figures on the screen. As you advance through the game, you will acquire more advanced weapons, punches, kicks, and much more to help you beat zombies, robots, and other figures on the screen.